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We are giving young girls the power to write their own story. They are blossoming and they can have an outlet. In this book which allows them to be creative and open minded to the possibilities.

This coloring book was created because I wanted a way to reach the younger generation of girls who can sometimes be overlooked. The purpose of this coloring book is to bring awareness to all the different sizes, shapes, and colors of girls and how they blossom in different ways.

Emotions can be expressed in different ways. In this coloring book you should express these through color . For example when you feel happy bright colors like pink, orange, and green can express this emotion.

“Welcome to my blossoming life colorful world of inspiration” My name is Ariel Wight and I am an artist . Art has always drawn me in and I am blessed to be gifted with it. 

Ariel K. Wright, Author

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